string in kotlin kotlin char and string String A string is a set of words or complete sentences. To use a string in Kotlin, just like Java ,enclose the text

hello world in kotlin Since the c programming language ,we start with greeting the world when start learning a new programming language. The kotlin hello world is a bit similar

kotlin array Array in kotlin is a generic class not an object like in java language. Arrays are created with various arrayOf functions. There are a couple of ways to

for loop kotlin   for loops are similar to Java, but the syntax is different. Kotlin for loops are not expressions. Kotlin for loops have this basic syntax: for (e in

Is kotlin better than java? An introduction Anyone who deals with JVM languages ​​can actually no longer avoid Kotlin. Already a defacto standard in Android development, the language developed by JetBrains is

kotlin enumeration Kotlin enum are similar to enumerations in other languages, such as Java Enum are declared with enum class Enum can have constructor parameters, properties, and functions Enum can

kotlin constructor properties function nested class inner class Classes can contain: Constructors Constructor initializer blocks Functions Properties Nested and Inner Classes (That we will talk about here) Object Declarations Nested

kotlin object oriented programming Definitions Objects: We use objects to identify things in the real world we want to model in a computer program. State: Objects often have a state,

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