arabic names for girls

The names of daughters are the first thing that parents search for after knowing the gender of the newborn, which is that they will provide a girl who fills the house with passion and tenderness, but parents often confuse the appropriate name for their beloved daughter, and for this most parents go to the sites to search and see the names of new girls or the most beautiful arabic names for girls, there are many choices that parents can choose from which are most appropriate for them, but there are some families who prefer to search for the names of arabic girls, as this is the closest to their wish and to keep the names of girls special.

In order to share your joy, we will present to you in this article many choices regarding the best arabic names of new and sweet girls , and we have arranged them in alphabetical order in order to facilitate access to them, in addition to that we have attached each name a short definition to know the meaning of each name and what distinguishes it from others Of the meanings and the names of other girls.

Arabic names for girls with A

Arwa – Arij – Afkar – Anwar – Assil – Assma – Agharid – Afanin – Almass – Amal – Alaa –

Arabic names for girls with B

Bassma – Bahija – Balssam – Bodoor – Borooj – Baya – Bachira – Bahja – Batool

Other arabic names for girls

Daniya – Dorra – Dalila -Dorar – Fatima – Fadwa – Ghinwa – Ghada – Hasna – Habiba – Halima – Houria – Hayet – Hoboor – Hakima – Ibtihel – Ilham – Jana – Jihed – Jawaher – Jalila- Jomana – Kawther – Kamila – Khawla – Khashia – Khadija – Laila – Lobna – Narjess – Balssam – Layan – Lamis – Majida – Mariam – Malika – Nabila – Najwa – Nadia – Nawress -Olfa – Osswa – Rim – Rimas – Rawand – Rebah – Samira – Sajida – Sawssen – Soujoud – Safia – Tarnim – Tassnim – Wafa – Wiem – Wissal – Wahida – Wajd -Zaynab – Zohoor

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