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Congratulations, it’s a boy! Now or in the future you are happy parents of this new little man, which name will you be able to find for him? Some people choose to baptize their baby with a classic names others want foreign names like french names . Pierre, Paul or Jules are “traditional” french names for boys but never out of date. Others fall for very new names such as Enzo, Gabin or Sacha , not to mention the names for boys chosen for their sound or their origin.

Whether rare french names and original like Lilio or popular like Hugo or Raphaël, each boy’s name has its meaning and beauty in france : all that remains is to know which one will go to your future baby! Discover all our ideas and selections for unusual or trendy first french names for boys .
We will give you the top 50 french names for boys given in France.

And the most given boy names this year in france are from Liam to Enzo, discover the big winners on the podium.

Raphaël – Gabriel – Léo – Louis – Lucas – Adam – Arthur – Jules – Hugo – Maël – Ethan – Liam – Paul – Nathan – Gabin – Sacha – Noah – Tom – Mohamed – Aaron – Eden – Noé – Timéo – Victor – Martin – Mathis – Nolan – Enzo – Axel – Léon – Antoine – Marius – Naél – Robin – Valentin – Clément – Baptiste – Tiago – Rayan – Samuel – Amir – Augustin – Maxime – Eliott – Maxence – Gaspard – Mathéo – Evan – Alexandre

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